Samba Choro
The Samba Choro Pandeiro is ideal for playing traditional Brasilian Sambas and Chorinhos as well as popular modern rhythms like Funk and Samba Reggae.

Celebrating over 30 years manufacturing Frame drums and Tambourines, Remo introduces and new product line called "Global Frame drums and Tambourines. The Samba Choro Pandeiro is part of Remo’s Global Frame drums and Tambourines, GFT. Remo’s Samba Choro Pandeiros are designed for today’s modern playing techniques. They are light weight and feature newly designed stainless steel jingles. The Samba Choro pandeiro is equipped with as single row of five triple set chrome plated jingles producing crisp sounds and enable fast articulated beats allowing the drumhead low tones to resonate freely. The Samba Choro Pandeiro is constructed with a replaceable Skyndeep® graphic drumhead with Ultratac. This new development in Remo’s drumhead technologies offers enhanced sound with an attractive look. The Skyndeep with Ultratac adds a unique animal-like texture on the drumhead surface that produces low bass notes while adding pliability, making it easy to bend and modulate the pitch. Also featured on this drumhead is Remo’s O ring with adhesive that reduces overtones and increases warm bass tones. The drum shell is made with Acousticon®, 100% recycled wood fiber and is elegantly finished with an antique wood grain veneer stain. The Samba Choro Pandeiro is specifically designed for low pitch tensioning and is not recommended to over tighten the replaceable drumhead. With proper care and maintenance you will enjoy continuous playing as Remo’s Samba Choro Pandeiro weight only 530 grams, which is far lighter then any other similar model in the market today.

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