Tan-Tan Drum
To achieve the precise sound and tone quality Remo’s engineering carefully matched the ACOUSTICON (see more on Acousticon) shell dimensions in perfect harmony with the Remo Bahia Bass drumhead used. These two powerhouse combinations produce a unique and authentic sound of Brasil.



The Tan Tan (lap surdo) is a portable, lightweight version of the surdo and has its origin in the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, where it is used in combination with the pandeiro, tamborim, and rebolo in Pagode music. These instruments are played standing using a strap or sitting down with the drum on the lap in a horizontal position with one hand on the drum and the other on the shell.

Remo has developed a collection of instruments that cover a musical range from Northern to Southern parts of Brasil. Two major musical styles are the inspiration for the Remo Brasilian Collection. The Brasilian Carnaval generates a frenzy of songs, dance and DRUMMING with the Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro and the AXE Blocos Afro groups in Salvador Bahia.

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