Legendary Series Salsa Deco
Remo Legendary Series with Salsa Deco Designers’ Touch finish are offered in two large sizes, and are equipped with the Skyndeep Calf Skin Tucked graphics drumheads producing rich bass and slap tones with added durability.


Remo Legendary Series with the Salsa Deco finish features a 28” drum shell height, with the same body shape and features as the Jimmie Morales congas.

As music trends change so does the playing styles of musicians. The top percussionists play a variety of music. Latin Salsa music is a perfect example of the trends where players are using one conga 11.75” and two tumbas 12.50” which produce a fuller bass, slap and open tones than the smaller sizes. Remo’s Congas have a six point tuning Remo Radius Counter Hoop that enables precision tuning of drums in the new combination, 2 tumbas, 1 conga or 1 tumba and 2 congas. Made in USA and manufactured with Acousticon® 100% Recycled Wood Fiber.

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