Made in USA, Remo congas are full size drums that are used by professional and drum enthusiasts alike.


The Remo Cuban Collection has all the essential instruments for Pop style music as well as the Tipico Latin Salsa style drumming. Achieve your ultimate sound with superior drum shell construction and drumhead selection.

With over 40 years of drumhead innovation Remo has created a variety of drumhead sounds to satisfy the most discerning tastes from the professional musician. The combination of specially engineered drum shell design and FIBERSKYN®3 and NUSKYN® drumhead advancement gives the Remo Cuban Collection a giant step into the next Millennium.

Coming from both African and Cuban influences, it’s no wonder the conga drum has played such a major role in modern music. The traditional Cuban Conga was made from olive barrels or steam-bent staves of wood glued together with a calf or buffalo head tacked to it.

Remo’s technological advances, such as *Acousticon shells, Fiberskyn® 3, Nuskyn® **Type 7 tucked drumheads, have greatly improved on the manufacturing methods and materials used in the past. The result has been a significant enhancement in the sound and performance capabilities of these exceptional instruments.

*This advanced drum shell material has excellent projection capabilities and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. Added benefits are strength, weather-resistance and reduced weight.

**Remo congas are equipped with either FIBERSKYN® 3 or NUSKYN® drumheads which are durable, easy to play and unaffected by the weather. NUSKY® and FIBERSKYN® 3 drumheads represent the latest advances in the development of synthetic drumheads.

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