The Doumbek plays a central role in both popular and classical Middle-Eastern musicand is often heard in ensembles with the Riq and Tar.


Pretuned Doumbek is tuned emulating the authentic doumbek. This light weight drum is durable and suited for all ages.

Remo Crystal Doumbeks with Ergo-Drum System™ are equipped with Remo’s SKYNDEEP™ Fish graphic image synthetic drumhead which produce a full bass and Tek tone remarkably authentic in sound and feel.

Remo Doumbeks with Ergo-Drum System™ are endorsed by world renowned drummer, Issam Houshan and are ideal for all educational programs and professional tours.

Diane Metalized™ Doumbeks are equipped with Skyndeep Clear Tone drumheads that have a smooth drumhead feel.

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