Versa Tubano
The VERSA Tubano® is manufactured with Remo’s Acousticon® drum shell, the TF 20 Skyndeep drumhead, "TAPER-FIT DRUM COUPLING" which is engineered to create an easy, self-sealing fit between drumhead and drum shell for optimum sound quality.


 Model Number    Size            Description
TF-1013-S1-SD099 13" x 2" Drumhead,TF 10, SKYNDEEP® FIBERSKYN® Graphic, Beige, 10-Mil, 13" X 2", High pitch
TF-1513-S2-SD099 13" x 2" Drumhead,TF 15, SKYNDEEP® FIBERSKYN® Graphic,Beige, 15-Mil, 13" X 2", Medium pitch, Clear Dot

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