Beat the Odds® Festival Drum Pack-30 Piece

BEAT THE ODDS® Festival Drum Pack consists of the unique Festival Drum Combo Sets offering a diversity of sounds and shapes that feature Remo’s patented Drumhead Film Technologies and durable lightweight Acousticon® drum shell finished with attractive vibrant colors.

Model Number: DP-0270-CC -BEAT THE ODDS® Festival Drum Pack-Content

About Product 

Festival Drums are designed with a lightweight environmentally recycled drum shell and a carefree replaceable Fliptop® Pre-Tuned drumhead. This unique design produces a professional quality sound that you will enjoy playing whether at home, school, or outdoor drumming activities.

Festival Drums are exceptional as a supplemental product for large music classes involving percussion for any age or programs with drumming protocols for wellness, social, skill building and culturally specific drumming styles. Schools and other institutions appreciate the lightweight and compact storage features. 

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4-Sets: Festival Tubano  Set of three

Total of 12 Festival Tubanos

Festival Drum Pack Combo 10" diameter sizes

Each Combo Set consist of Tubano, Djembe & Timbau

2-sets Festival Combo Set of 3 drums with Blue finish

2-sets Festival Combo Set of 3 drums  with Café finish

2 sets Festival Combo Set of 3 drums  with Morado finish


1-Bahia Buffalo Drum

Fruit Shaker®

6-Fruit Shaker® Apple

6-Fruit Shaker® Lemons

6-Fruit Shaker® Oranges

6-Fruit Shaker® Avocados

6-Fruit Shaker® Plums

6-Fruit Shaker® Pears

12-Drum Risers

The Drum Risers are used on the Djembe and Timbau Drums.