Aaron Jansz is an in demand musician and educator based in Brisbane, Australia. Since completing a bachelor or Music at Jazz Music Institute Aaron has amassed a list of performance and recording credits that include local, national and international artists. Current projects Aaron is actively associated with include: The Lachlan McKenzie Quartet, The Zak Scerri Trio, The Andrew Butt Trio+, Baartz/Denson Quartet & The Steve Russell Quartet, Feng Shui and Charlotte McLean Band. As an accompanying artist, Aaron has performed with ; Katie Noonan, Vincent Gardner, Barney McAll, Steve Barry, Tal Cohen, Grace Knight, Julien Wilson, Barney McAll, Kristin Berardi, James Sherlock, Steve Newcomb, Libor Smoldas, Brendan Clarke, Dan Barnett, Nerissa Campbell, Darren Heinrich, Zac Hurren and Tyrone Noonan, among others.

“I choose to play Remo drum heads because the sound I hear in my head is exactly what I get when I put a set of Ambassador Coated on anything. So many of my favourite drummers have played Remo. I also can’t pass the fact that nothing sounds better to my ears than the brush sound of an Ambassador Coated drum head.” -Aaron Jansz