Health And Wellness

Rhythm Wellness and YOU!™

Enhancing Wellbeing Through The Experience of Drumming


Remo, Rhythm and Wellness: An Interview with John Fitzgerald in Argentina

An interview with John Fitzgerald and his thoughts on drum circles, rhythm and community.


In Harmony in Costa Rica: an interview with John Fitzgerald

A short video about the benefit of drum circles, rhythm in community, with John Fitzgerald of Remo Inc.


Rhythm and Play at Music China, Shanghai

Here’s a bit of the action from one of the seven drum circles offered in 2018


What is a Drum Circle? The View from Peru: Drum Circles

Enjoy this beautiful video with some fascinating interviews all about drum circles, and the art of facilitation, from Peru!


AARP Drum Circle

Drum Circles at the AARP Convention? You bet!


The Drum Table in Play at Rhythm With a Purpose: Staff and Student Relate in Rhythm!

This video is a short story about the 400 staff and students we facilitated at Ackerman, a school for special needs students. Connection, Joy, Service and Self Expression and yes, stress relief too!


Remo Drum Circle and Facilitator Finder

A global tool for finding drum circles, rhythm events, trainings and facilitators near you.